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Public Information Coordinator

Service Position: Public Information Coordinator (PIC)

Length of Service: 12 months

Qualifications: 9 months of not incurring unsecured debt

                         3 Pressure Relief Meetings



  1. Attend Intergroup monthly meeting

  2. Provide information and spread awareness of the availability of Debtors Anonymous

  3. Have an organized “Tools Packet” from which to operator as suggested by Debtors Anonymous Manual for Service (“DAMS”) *

  4. Develop and implement plan for requests for public information in a timely fashion

  5. Maintain a list of DA members that have taken the DA Media Training

  6. Create an Outreach Packer for mental health professionals, churches, EAP’s, doctors, bankruptcy lawyers/judges, suicide prevention lines, recovery treatment center and other 12 Step fellowships (see DAMS).

Estimated time commitment per month: 1 – 4 hours


  1. Suggested that PIC complete the DA Media Training

  2. Suggested the PIC review “Chapter 4 – Public Information Outreach” of the DAMS

  3. PIC should know and understand the 12 Traditions of DA

  4. A committee could be formed to assist with any public outreach efforts


* The International Public Information Manual is available as a free download on the D.A. website:  

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