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Workshop Coordinator

Service Position: Workshop Coordinator

Length of Service: 12 months

Qualifications: 3 months of not incurring unsecured debt



  1. Attend Intergroup monthly meeting

  2. Coordinate with Committee Chair on events venues

  3. Reserve venues for Intergroup events or workshops

  4. Confirm with Committee Chair and/or Committee members on beverages, snacks to be provided at workshop/event pursuant to the spending plan approved by Intergroup

  5. Assist with assemblage of workshop materials

  6. Set up and tear down of venues

  7. Manage the registration table (with committee members)

  8. Maintain the Coordinator Supply Bins:

  • Pens, pencils, markers

  • Registration and check in sheets

  • Seventh tradition basket

  • Name tags

  • Copies of the Steps, Promises and DA preamble

  • Power cords, tissue



Estimated time commitment per month: 3 – 5 hours



  1. Workshop Coordinator can engage volunteers or coordinate with Committee Chair and Committee members for greeters, set up and tear down of the venue, assistance with registration table and snacks at event

  2. A spending plan for an event/workshop must be approved by Intergroup

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