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Newsletter Coordinator

Service Position: Newsletter Coordinator

Length of Service: 12 months

Qualifications: 6 months of not incurring unsecured debt

                     6 months regular attendance at home group meetings


  1. Sufficient attendance at Intergroup meetings and/or communication with Intergroup Chair or Intergroup members to relate Intergroup plans, events and initiatives in the newsletter

  2. Recruit and coordinate volunteers for writing, design and editing of the newsletter, set deadlines

  3. Publish quarterly Intergroup Newsletter (January, April, July and October:

  4. Edit submissions as needed

  5. Assemble newsletter and upload to Wix email marketing platform (and/or coordinate with Website Coordinator for upload)

  6. Publish newsletter

  7. Blogs can be created from articles for website (coordinate with Website Coordinator)

  8. Check Wix monthly for new subscribers


Estimated time commitment per month:  3 – 5 hours



  1. Email marketing platform used to publish and distribute newsletter on website host Wix

  2. Login information will be provided by Intergroup to Wix

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