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Events Committee Chair

Service Position: Event Committee Chair (Intergroup sponsored workshops and events)

Length of Service: 3 – 9 months (time frame to plan and execute event)

Qualifications: 6 months of not incurring unsecured debt

                         2 Pressure Relief Meetings



  1. Recruit volunteers to Planning Committee

  2. Present event spending plan to Intergroup for approval

  3. Coordinate event/workshop flyer creation and present to Intergroup for approval

  4. Send final approved version of flyer to Intergroup Chair to distribute to Intergroup members and to the groups. Chair will also direct Website Coordinator to add event/workshop announcements to Intergroup Website

  5. Coordinate with Workshop Coordinator on beverages and snacks, decorations and volunteers the day of the event/workshop

  6. Assembly of workshop materials

  7. Planning Committee assist Workshop Coordinator with set up and tear down of venue for event/workshop

  8. Assign committee members to workshop tasks (registration table, greeters, etc.)

  9. Delver any 7th Tradition or registration funds to the Intergroup Treasurer or Co-Treasurer




  1. All Intergroup sponsored events and workshops must adhere to the DA Manual of Service (DAMS) including:

  • Focus of workshops/events will relate to DA 12 Steps, 12 Tools, 12 Promises, 12 Traditions 12, 12 Concepts and DA Literature

  • Reference only conference approved material (DA and AA Literature

  • Our primary purpose is the help the still suffering debtor


*the DA Manual for Service is available for free on the DA website

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