Service Position: Treasurer

Length of Service: 12 months

Qualifications:      6 months of not incurring unsecured debt

                              2 Pressure Relief Meetings


1. Attend monthly Intergroup meeting

2. Signer on Intergroup checking account (bank requires Treasurer social security # on account)

3. Make payments for Intergroup expenses as necessary

4. Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Report as follows:

  • Confirm with Co-Treasurer all deposits for the month

  • Obtain online bank statement

  • Make payments for monthly expenses (Zoom account, etc.)

  • Make monthly distributions (DA-GSB, etc.) per the spending planBalance check register/account to the bank statement

  • Balance all three - Treasurer’s Report, check register and bank statement​

5. Present monthly Treasurer’s Report at Intergroup meeting

6. Pay annual expenses – PO Box, Website, etc.

7/ Track pre-registrations for Intergroup events and keep Workshop Coordinator and/or the Event Chair informed

8. Keep the Treasurer’s binder up to date and electronic records up to date

Estimated time commitment per month: 1 - 4 hours



  1. Outgoing Treasurer train the incoming Treasurer and provide Treasurer’s Report spread sheet and the Treasurer’s Binder which contains bank account information and Intergroup accounting information and procedures