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by Helen M.

I am experiencing new situations within my financial life today thanks to DA. My five years in DA are illuminating the truth of: “it’s about the numbers, but it isn’t about the numbers.”

I currently have a freelance bid being considered by a company that they have nicknamed, “Helen’s Big Bid.” I have to laugh because they are not referring to the number of pages in the document! Being a compulsive underearner and debtor, this is a miracle in my life. It is the largest bid I have ever presented to a client, and it is a true testament of the DA Promises that come true for us as we work the DA Steps, Traditions, Tools, and Concepts, attend meetings, do service, have a sponsor, and reach out to others.

Before DA, I stashed money in a jar to meet life’s curve balls that were sure to come. I never enjoyed that money. A life of fear and deprivation made total sense. When I finally “had had enough” of living this way and came into DA, I was completely hopeless. I had taken a job below my skill level, was using a credit card to cover repeated car repairs and I was making ends meet using a second mortgage. Even with my “higher” education I could not think of a way out.

DA challenged me to the core. I finally realized that the whole point of my program is to care for and value oneself. I learned how my financial life could support me in doing this. With ongoing PRG's, a sponsor, and a Vision team, I let go of the idea that my Higher Power “didn’t do money” and discovered a Higher Power that enjoys playing with money. I’ve grown more generous as I do not “hold on tight” to my abundance. I stay present while discussing financial matters instead of freaking out. I nurture my visions with an “attitude of gratitude” instead of killing them with fear. I am comfortable being “Helen” in a way I’ve never known. My broken trust in life, my Higher Power, myself, and others is mending through this deep program.

No matter what the final outcome of “Helen’s Big Bid” will be, I stand in my truth and value my contribution knowing my Higher Power is caring for me in every way. I no longer feel desperate or hopeless since I am living the DA spiritual solutions. I am so thankful for DA, and I keep going one day at a time.

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